What’s Wrong With Time Square?

What’s Wrong With Time Square?

Whenever passing in Times Square, there is a large population of people passing, which leads to overcrowding. An overcrowded place contains multiple distractions, which make it hard to concentrate on what you are doing. Passing around is hard due to the limited space present. A lot of time is wasted trying to move in between people who seem to have stagnated at a place. In an emergency, it is hard to move fast enough to attend to an issue. For a crowded place, it isn’t easy to even receive a phone call or make it to request something. Pickpocketing becomes to occur without realizing it due to the pressure from others.

Along the streets of Times Square,

Along the streets of Times Square, bands are set up to play songs. The band members play music, after which they ask for support in the form of money. This act is annoying as it is a voluntary job for them to be positioned at the place. They are not asked by people to come daily and perform songs while people are passing. Asking for money from passing people annoys many of them since they say that the music service was not asked for. It becomes hard trying to ignore them due to the big volumes produced by the instruments used.

Times Square is filled with cab

Times Square is filled with cab stealers who wait till late at night to break the cabs. Leaving your cab in the open around Times Square may be dangerous since you may not find it when coming back. The thugs watch your movement and ensure that you have completely disappeared before stealing it. Others steal some parts of the cabs to sell the spare parts later and gain cash. This activity is annoying to New Yorkers since cabs cannot be left freely without worrying about them being stolen. Leaving your cab in the open is associated with the risks of a possible theft case.

What's Wrong With Time Square?

The sidewalks that are constructed in Times Square are slightly raised, making it hard to move swiftly. Walking on these sidewalks becomes hard due to the raised slots that lack comfort. For those using heels, walking stably is almost impossible due to the added height that lacks comfort. The sidewalks lead to a walking posture that is not upright, leading to a high level of discomfort. New Yorkers prefer using flat paths, making their passage easy and comfortable. Using flat shoes offers a better posture that leads to easy movement.

In Times Square, individuals walk in a zig-zag manner and are very slow. A zig-zag shape is a walking pattern used when you follow a person walking in the same manner. A person who uses this moving pattern covers a small distance using a lot of time. Having that person moving in front of you is a problem since it is a slow movement that wastes time. There’s no possibility of shouting at them because they will not even listen as they are busy doing what they enjoy. This is an annoying act that makes New Yorkers hate Times Square.

Among the crowd moving in Times Square, other individuals are busy plotting ideas of stealing from others. Whenever you are hurrying, it becomes hard to notice when being followed by a person. As a result, having an item that is not tightly held to the body might be snatched without your knowledge. This is why New Yorkers don’t like associating themselves with Times Square. Losing an item when a plan of replacing it was not under consideration is very costly. Coming up with an emergency budget becomes hard because of unexpected occurrences. Thieves present in Times Square make it a hard place to enjoy leaving behind trails of sadness.

Getting access to public transport around Times Square is largely hectic. For those who use trains, they are delayed leading to wastage of time. Waiting for a public vehicle for transportation may take longer because of delays experienced on roads. In the case of dealing with an emergency, using public means of transport delays you from reaching the target. The noise produced by these vehicles is relatively large, leading to an uncomfortable condition. New Yorkers don’t like being pushed around to access services. Congestion around Times Square makes it even harder to access essential facilities.