Uniqueness Of New York City

Uniqueness Of New York City

New York City is recognized as one of the biggest cities globally and is the largest city in the United States of America. It is twice the size of Los Angeles and has over 18 million people as of 2015. The famous Statue of Liberty, which was gifted to the US by France, is found in this city, on Liberty Island. This is a popular landmark that attracts tourists from everywhere each year to get a glimpse of the statue, majorly seen in films or movies. The statue was constructed in 1886 and still holds its fame to date.

Apart from those who travel for leisure, people who travel to New York have one thing in common. They seek to be inspired by the richness in art this city holds. New York’s been the home of art as well as artists and is clearly seen when walking down the streets. Graffiti can be spotted on streets, as well as artworks on walls that carry a particular theme. There are vast options of artist schools which people can apply to, and learn from the where art is full of life. Creatives also travel to get a glimpse of the diverse pieces stemmed from other countries globally. Art knows no race, color, ethnicity, appreciating any artistic piece done by anyone.

The city is always buzzing, activities

Apart from inspiring artists, New York spreads its artistic wings to musicians, poets, with filmmakers. It is essentially the hub of all forms of art from different ethnicities. Here, different people come together with a common goal, getting pieces of art done, which the public gets to appreciate. There are studios everywhere where such individuals can work while getting inspired by those who have walked down the same path and emerged successfully. Plenty of musicians and artists have their studios, where they allow upcoming artists to record their work, while also providing lessons to those who may need to perfect their art.’

The city is always buzzing, activities happening everywhere, full of life, and seldom sleeps. Whatever time of day you walk around, you will always find people outside going about their business. A good place to experience this side of New York is at the Times Square. That place is full of billboards, screens, lights that light up the streets and look beautiful at night. There is a ball drop event that attracts masses yearly, both locally and internationally, during New Year’s Eve.

Uniqueness Of New York City

This city’s main focus is on art can be seen in the architectural designs of certain structures. Some structures like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Brooklyn Bridge, all inspired and appreciated by gothic art. Such uniqueness makes them stand out from the rest to the point where they’ve been used as sources of inspiration for many artists in song, poetry, drawing.

In New York, two streets are famous for what they have. Wall Street is home to some of the biggest exchanges, making it a financial street. This alone has inspired different film producers who have directed movies centered around this street’s theme. Another street is 15th Avenue, which is famous for all the clothing stores it has. There is a whole stretch of designer stores that mainly target the high-end market.